Delivery to 117th

Our relationship with 117th Brigade is one of those “this is why we risk going to the frontlines” kind of connections. A meeting made possible by searching the frontlines for two little boys in need and stumbling upon a poorly outfitted field hospital in Donetsk.

It’s hard to forget the first time we offered help and the medics reply… “Volunteers have come and offered help many times, but none follow through”. That day they gave us a small list of basic combat medicine: tourniquets, chest seals, hemostatic. Three days passed and we surprised the medical team with everything they asked for and more.

Six months later, we continue to support the medical team with everything from Camouflage nets for their ambulances to combat medicine needed to save the wounded.

Our most recent delivery included 10 winter sleeping bags, gloves and thermal underwear.

Our relationship with the 117th is a testament to how we continue to care for units long after the first request and how donors make every step of the way possible.
Thank you for all that you do,

Slava Ukraini !!