est. 2018

“War Is Fashion. If you fall out of the trends, you are no longer in fashion”
-Kyrylo Veres – Commander of K-2
 The K-2 battalion was formed before the full-scale invasion as a reconnaissance group for the 54th Separate Mechanized Brigade and has proven to be one of the most capable units in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
In 2022, K-2 defended some of the most difficult sections of the frontline on the outskirts of Donetsk – Marinka and Krasnohorivka.
Famously known for defending their positions in Marinka, while outnumbered and outgunned, against 15 tanks and 7 armored personnel carriers, they destroyed half of the enemies armoured vehicles in just three days and caused a “road block” forcing the remaining vehicles to a stand still.  
It is estimated that in the first year alone they had destroyed over 100 armoured vehicles.
Today, the K-2 Battalion is defending the Siversk frontline on the border of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Where, every day, they repel Russian attacks using drones, artillery and trained infantry.
K-2 became famous for the battles in the “T-shape” position, published on Youtube, where a tank of their armored group, without ammunition, used its tracks to crush the enemy trench line. This allowed their team to secure the positions without further fighting, and were then able to dig out and capture an enemy soldier.
K-2’s Chevron is a symbol of their work in reconnaissance and is an honoured part of their uniform that must be earned.

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