Стрілецький спеціалізований батальйон

est. 2024

The 93rd Mechanized Brigade’s – Special Battalion, or Стрілецький спеціалізований батальйон is made up almost entirely of former Ukrainian prisoners.

Prisoners who could have spent the war sitting in the safety net of a prison but have volunteered to join the ranks of the ZSU and fight for the freedom of their people.

These recruits are hand picked from hundreds of qualifying volunteers by officers of the new 93rd Brigade Battalion, who are confident in the skills these men will bring to the battlefield.
The Officers of this Battalion are experienced Veterans of war, having participated in almost every major battle in Donetsk Oblast since 2014 and are ready for the job ahead. 
Their Chevron, a raven with underlying chains, symbolizes the freedom of these brave men and their chosen path to defend Ukraine.


Equipment Needs