2 СБ

2 Стрілецький батальйон

est. 2022

The 93rd Mechanized Brigade’s – 2nd Mechanized Rifle Battalion, or 2 Стрілецький батальйон is a specialized infantry battalion

Since the start of the full scale invasion these defenders have been in the hottest areas from the liberation of Kharkiv to the defense of the areas in and around Bakhmut and Soledar in Donetsk Oblast.

2 СБ is currently defending the areas in and around Chasiv Yar and Klishiivka and have held their defensive lines against repeated Russian offensive attempts, for more than one year. 

Don’t let the word Rifle fool you, these defenders are heavily skilled in the usage of drones. From reconnaissance and directing Artillery and Mortar teams to dropping explosives on Russian positions & FPV, this battalions drone teams play a crucial role in holding the areas they defend.   
Their Chevron, a defensive wolf, symbolizes the fierce opposition Russians face when they meet their defensive lines and the brutality that awaits invaders of Ukraine.

Equipment Needs

  • Interactive White Board – $2400USD
  • Notebook Gigabyte G7 – $1080USD x3
  • Quiktel RT6 Tablet – $345 USD
  • ATV 850-1000CC W/ Extra Wheels x 3
  • Autel EVO Max At Quadcopter – $6290 x 3