3 Броп



est. 2014

“The Enemy Is Breaking Down Around Us”

The 3rd Operational Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine AKA SPARTAN, or 3 Броп НГУ СПАРТАН  was formed in 2014 at the start of “Russian aggression”.

Stationed in Kharkiv, this battalion gained notoriety at the start of the full scale invasion, during the defense of the city where in the first two weeks they destroyed 4 enemy tanks, a Su-25 aircraft and captured the pilot. 

In 2023 they participated in the battles of Bakhmut against the Wagner Group and were transferred to Zaporizhzhia Oblast where they were part of the liberation of Robotyne. 

From Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and now back to Kharkiv these defenders are always at the heart of the heaviest battles and often the most talked about liberations. 
Their Chevron, the amulet “Ruevit”, symbolizes the God Ruevit, the God of inevitable military victory – merciless to enemies.
One by one, the enemies on the way, disappear from the warrior with the talisman Ruevit, because whoever took the sword, will die by the sword. 

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